Marvila – Lisbon’s small Brooklyn

When I was browsing through the internet to see who and what is mentioning about Marvila, I came across such titles as ‘The coolest neighbourhood in Lisbon”, “The most hipster area of the Portuguese capital!”.

And although I can’t deny the truth of these slogans, I decided to title my text – “Marvila – a small Brooklyn”.

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The Best Of 2019 – Lisbon

Being your Lisbon lifestyle and fashion researcher was a real honour! 🙂

The street art and plenty of new and local coffee places were the definite highlights of the year, but I do hope that in the upcoming one we’ll discover more sustainable and local fashion brands!

Before that happens, let’s reminiscent the last twelve months!

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Fashion books worth reading

Sometimes I ask myself a question: “What is fashion?”

Is it that favourite top I’m wearing all the time? Or maybe the brand new trend floating around social media? Does fashion enhance only during the Fashion Weeks? Or is it always there, subconsciously pushing us to manifest our characters?

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Bikini is an island!

Girls! Have you ever wondered why in the summer you’re jumping in a “bikini”, and you guys are dressing up into a “tuxedo” (known also as a “smoking”) ?!

We use these terms so intuitively that we don’t even think what their genesis may be. And sometimes it’s funny, sometimes illogical and often has a deep historical background.

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