Expo throwback: “From the World, Made in Lisboa” at Underdogs Gallery

A real feast for any street art or as a matter of fact, any art lover!

And if you fall in any of these categories, and happen to be in Lisbon. Well, visiting this expo is your artistic duty!


Underdogs gallery invited several internationally known urban artists to overtake its walls. And the result is rather smashing!

It’s somewhere between the rough reality and playful imagination.  It’s a pinch of fun and colourful world of André Saraiva against the abstract geometrics of Felipe Pantone. And, a dash of cultural appreciation of Finok faced by Shepard Fairey‘s loud political voice.

In other words, the iconic Lisbon gallery cut a slice of the urban, global universe and is sharing it with us so unselfishly.



If you have any thoughts on the expo or the artists, don’t hesitate to share it in the comments!


“From the World, Made in Lisboa” – collective work

R. Fernando Palha 56

1950-132 Lisboa

Tel. +351 21 868 0462


Free entry


Openings: Wednesday to Saturday 14:00 – 19:00



Exhibition closed


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