Paris coffee shops II

I think we’ll all agree that the year of 2020 is a bizarre one.

And so, I’m not sure if recommending going out there and grabbing a coffee is the essential advice you’ll need today.

Yet, life goes on, and we’re all trying our best to keep it as normal as possible. And grabbing coffee was one of those tiny life pleasures that some of us just cherished so much. I know I did!

So please consider this new Paris coffee shops guide not only as walking against the odds but also as a strong support of local businesses. They need it now more than ever!

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Marvila – Lisbon’s small Brooklyn

When I was browsing through the internet to see who and what is mentioning about Marvila, I came across such titles as ‘The coolest neighbourhood in Lisbon”, “The most hipster area of the Portuguese capital!”.

And although I can’t deny the truth of these slogans, I decided to title my text – “Marvila – a small Brooklyn”.

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Best concept stores in Lisbon

Lisbon is an encyclopaedic example of an emerging capital. And I in mean it in all possible and artistic ways!

From street art festivals to the savoury and international street food. It has everything that a 2020 nomad is looking for!
And it’s not any different when it comes to qualitative, local shopping.

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