Expo throwback: Herakut at the Mathgoth Gallery Paris

I almost missed this exhibition. One hour of public transport (one way!) made me hesitate.

Thankfully, my inner motivation won!


Mathgoth gallery is the very same one that hosted the cult Bordalo II just a few weeks ago.

Now the turn has come for Herakut and their “Emotion Olympics” solo showcase.



But before we move into the expo details, let’s briefly get to know the artists!

Herakut is a German street art duo –Hera (Jasmin Siddiqui) and Akut (Falk Lehmann) who joint their skills and endless imagination into an artistic figment.

Her perfectionism in shapes and proportions and his exceptional realism result in one of the most recognised murals that cover and decorate biggest cities.



The “Emotion Olympics” serves as a fighting ring where the artists face vigorously deepest fears and issues both of their small inner circle as well as those more universal.

They represent courage, motivation, teamwork. And are emphasized by the expression of the big, deep and mesmerizing eyes that show determination and hope.


Open, urban spaces are rather their natural habitat but the small scaled, painting-like artworks fit just perfectly in the four walls of raw art gallery aesthetics!


It’s more like an installation with big, gold, graffiti-inspired sentences or an extra spray of paint, coloured out of the box.


I never thought that street art and poetry could go so well together, but here you go!


“Emotion Olympics” – Herakut

Galerie Mathgoth

34 Rue Hélène Brion

75013 Paris

Tel. 06 63 01 41 50


Free entry


Openings: Wednesday to Saturday 14:00 – 19:00





Exhibition closed


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