Expo throwback: Bordalo II at the Mathgoth Gallery Paris

Have you ever imagined that a pile of random trash would make you go WOW?

I haven’t until I got to know Bordalo II’s artworks.


Not only does he magically transforms discarded objects into incredibly realistic animals, but he also cries for attention!!

In his artistic manifesto, he’s giving a second life to animals using materials that kill them and drive the machine of extinction…


Far from the political noise, Lisbon born – Arturo Bordalo is signing his own Paris Agreement:


“Earth is our home, our habitat; where we eat, where we breathe. There is no way to separate how we care for Nature and the Environment from Human’s quality of life, or from Life itself. I use my work to communicate ideas, fears and awareness about the global issues that we’re facing: global warming, climate changes, mass extinction, deforastaion, watershortage, polution etc. The Paris Agreement comprises a group of key elements and responabilities to prevent and stop all of this, so Paris is the perfect playground to share my new pieces, concepts and ideas.”


Bordalo II exhibition view Mathgoth Gallery Paris


“World gone crazy”

These 3D paintings/sculptures require a closer and longer look to understand how accurately they mirror our current society.

What looks like amusing and colourful life scenes, turns out as dramatic and familiar everyday situations.

Bordalo II artwork


“Big Trash Animals”

This is a series that artist is most famous for and recognised by.

Usually made on a much bigger scale and being part of the urbanisation of the world metropolises. This time, the animals were re-sized to fit the four walls of an art gallery.

Despite its smaller size, the message remains as strong! And the possibility to have a closer look at every layer only enhances the experience.



“Half half Animals”

The half unfinished, raw artworks are not only a new way for the artist to experiment.

They are also symbolising the contrast of light and shadow, hidden and visible, colourful and dull – pushing us to question the everyday choices.



“Plastic Animals”

In the last part of the exhibition, we’re facing Bordalo’s work in its ‘purest’ form. The pieces remain untouched, unpainted, in a shape that serves artist as a canvas.

We’re standing face to face with objects we got rid of, threw away, hated and didn’t need anymore.

Paradoxically we admire them, immortalise them and in a funny way want them back in our lives!


Bordalo’s work always leaves me speechless. Not only because of its artistry flair but also because of the artist’s courage and determination!

Can art save the world? Probably not.

Can it change it? I hope so.


Have you ever encountered Bordalo’s works on the walls of your city?


Accord de Paris – Bordalo II

Galerie Mathgoth

34 Rue Hélène Brion

75013 Paris

Tel. 06 63 01 41 50


Free entry


Openings: Tuesday to Sunday 14:00 – 19:00





Until the 2nd of March

(exhibition closed)


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