TOP 5: Portuguese beachwear brand 2020

I’m so happy to be back with the 2020 edition of the swimwear!

To my big surprise, the previous text on the top Polish and Portuguese beachwear brands was one of most of my researched articles on google!

You can read it here, btw.

As a consequence, I decided to release a brand new list but this time dedicated solely to the ‘made in Portugal’ label.

Because who knows better the needs of the beach body than the ones who were born into the beach lifestyle, right?

But before we dig into the world of creativity, let me cover a few essential details.

First of all, buying a swimsuit or bikini is not easy, right?

Second of all, stepping out wearing a piece that doesn’t suit us can make us feel more vulnerable. That’s why the right cut, fit and shape are crucial to feeling comfortable.

Personally, I tend to reach for the swimwear that covers a reasonable amount of my behind, sculps off my curves but also lets my skin bronze just a little.

But fear no more! I did all the dirty job for you and rummaged through tens of Portuguese beachwear brands to finally pick the hot 5!

Oh, and last but not least, I hope I don’t have to mention that all below brands focus on sustainability and longevity and are proposing considerate production methods.

So now, let’s get started!

Conscious Swimwear

What should you know about this particular Portuguese beachwear brand?

As the name suggests, the brand keeps consciousness and sustainability at the top of its priority list.

They also make sure that the whole creation, production and distribution process remains as green as possible.

And, when it comes to the design, it’s simple but always with a popping print or colour.

It’s perfect for all you’ all classy and mindful ladies!

Price range: around 50 euro per piece



When I look at Voke’s designs, comfort, and style are the first words that pop into my mind.

Their comfortable sillouetts will elevate any summer look still letting you plunge into more sporty activities.

The brand is proud to use eco – friendly recycled fabric Econyl and tailors the quantities of products to the actual needs.

Price range: 50 – 115 euro per piece



According to the brand’s statement, Latitid’s objective is “to present a collection that transports ready to wear trends to bikini, bathing suits and beachwear designs”.

With each collection, the designers take us on a journey through the cities that inspired and sculpted their style.

And that’s the exact vibe I get! Pieces with a shot of novelty inspired by trends but always complementing the nature of the wearer!

Price range: 90 – 130 euro per set/piece



The Portuguese ladies profoundly adore this Portuguese beachwear brand. The reason must be its sensual designs and upscale quality!

The feminine silhouettes feel reassuring and don’t compromise the comfort yet remain chic and edgy.

What’s more, the characteristic folds, cut – outs and frills let you always stay in the trend spanning.

Price range: around 100 euro per set/piece



And last but not least. Nyos; in its pure feminine form.

This Portuguese beachwear brand will surely satisfy the needs of woman of all shapes and sizes. Its simple yet fashion – forward designs will upgrade any summer look into real beach couture!

Price range: 80 – 110 euro per piece/set


And in closing, girls! I want to leave you with advice someone once gave me.

Remember, please that if you want to have a beach body, you need to go to the beach and a have body! It’s as simple as that 😉

And eventually a cute and sustainable swimsuit from a Portuguese brand!

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