8 Portuguese and Polish bikini brands

“The Bikini is the most important thing since the atomic bomb” Diana Vreeland.


This two-piece swimsuit was designed in 1946 by the French automotive engineer Louis Réard.
The world, just waking up from the war nightmare, was not ready for the extravaganza of nakedness (in the 1940s, even a naked female foot was not well perceived!).

Therefore, the Frenchman had a hard time finding a model to present his invention. The only way out of the situation was to turn to … a stripper. And so Micheline Bernardini – a dancer of the Casino de Paris presented, for the first time in history, the iconic four triangles.
The idea was bombastic, so it must have been the name.
Louis Réard named his work after one of the Marshall Islands – Bikini. A place where the Americans carried out numerous nuclear weapon tests in the 1940s and 1950s. Bah! They even detonated one!

The new fashion creation was going live. However, none of the European society was ready to accept it and called the bikini as “nudity worse than nudity”!

Can you imagine that even such opinion-forming magazine as Vogue Paris denied the existence of the two-piece until the early 60s?!

Thankfully, those times are far gone!


The perfect bikini brands!

Fast-forwarding to 2019 – the sandy beaches of the entire world hold no limits, and the beachwear became as crucial as choosing the right ball gown or the winter jacket.

This season (for the first time!) I decided to search among the emerging bikini brands.  The road to finding the perfect one was long and bumpy.

As a consequence, I spent days on Instagram and sweaty hours in the changing rooms to finally find the best options!

I opted for recyclable yet qualitative material, local production and originality (there is a slight chance someone else will wear the same piece as me!).

And here are my  findings:



Osu Beachwear

What caught my attention was the diversity in style, and the variety of the shapes – both underlined with delicate prints.

The romantic yet sporty design will guarantee not only the sexy look but comfort most of all!



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Aumar by Mariana Silva

Most of Mariana’s designs cross the line of being just the bikinis. They become part of your wardrobe that quickly can be introduced into your summer pieces.

Beach lifestyle is a philosophy, so why not swapping your beachwear and make it part of your city life?



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Cante Lisboa

Cante falls on a more classical bikini side but manages to always add a pinch of a twist with an extra ruffle, bow or colour blocking.

If that wasn’t enough, they offer swimming suits for small humans too!



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Fabiana Baumann

I’ve been observing Fabiana’s work since a while and what I most admire is her talent for the unique pattern shapes and fully sustainable and slow approach.
All pieces are personally designed and made by Fabiana herself in a small and exclusive series!

And although Fabiana is currently out of stock and taking a deserved maternity break, it’s worth keeping an eye on her future projects!

Personally, I can’t wait!



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Thanks to Bodymaps you enter the world of retro-inspired bikinis!

The brand is a creation of necessity or rather lack of the right quality beachwear. And with a pinch of talent and smart reference to the past mingled up with love for art and music, you get a pretty impressive effect.



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Kornelia Rataj

Kornelia’s designs are a pure example of simplicity and sensuality in its best form.

She’s offering the same styles in various matching colours so that we can become our bikini stylists!

And they are perfect for anyone opting for rather classical and feminine beachwear options.



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Moiess Swimwear

Moiess is for anyone who loves that minimalist boho style yet values comfort and quality.

On the one hand, classical construction. On the other, a true zest of tropical spice!



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The odder side

Technically, it is not a strict swimwear brand. But I couldn’t help myself from mentioning them!

Each and every summer season they come up with a few unique beach pieces that will make you feel like a real modern diva!



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So here were my TOP eight bikini brands! Now I’m looking forward to hearing about yours!


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  • Bali Swimwear

    17.04.2020 at 02:34 Reply


    Somos a Bali Swimwear, uma marca portuguesa de swimwear, inspirada nos trópicos e na ilha de Bali! Todos os nossos produtos têm nomes de localizações especiais na ilha, visitem o site e vejam todos os produtos que a Bali Swimwear tem disponíveis!

    • ania

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      Thank you for your comment and letting us know about your brand! Will definitely check it out!

  • Jakub

    21.01.2020 at 11:47 Reply

    Check out another polish brand – Lara Barton 🙂

    • ania

      21.01.2020 at 13:37 Reply

      Thank you Jakub for the tip 🙂 Check it and adding it to my favourites! I appreciate a lot the ‘Made in Poland” aspect!

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