2020 Vogue trends by local designers

I was browsing through Portuguese Vogue and stumbled upon the five main 2020 fashion trends. It quickly inspired me to look for the same tendencies but among local brands and emerging designers.

However, I don’t change my attitude towards trends itself. And I genuinely believe we should follow our personal style and stick to it, despite the changing waves of fashion.

My point is instead to show you pieces that I found having the trends in hand and not another way around! And to prove that young creators are already ahead of time and keeping their creations more sustainable but mainly timeless.

80’s revival

What to search for? A little bit of glitz and glam, rescaled proportions, and masculine feminity on the one hand. And on the other, a dose of kitsch, colour and sporty fun.

2020 Vogue trends by local designers
  1. Fun hairpins – Turtle Story
  2. Colourful, printed jacket – G Kero
  3. Overscaled jean jacket – Zaquad
  4. Structured jacket with buff sleeves – Misbhv
  5. Cropped, nude top – Kornelia Rataj
  6. Mini dress, with wide shoulders and buff sleeves – Aggi
  7. Hand-made, chunky sneakers – L37

The Jungle Book

Let’s be honest. Not everyone is a fan of the animal pattern. But instead of going for the ‘total safari look’, why not just adding a tiny accessory accent?

2020 Vogue trends by local designers
  1. Zebra top – Le Privé
  2. Elephant goldplated pendant – 10 Decoart
  3. Midi, animal print dress – OhMattyAtelier
  4. Red zebra shirt – Aggi
  5. Tiger ring – Nach Bijoux
  6. Leopard printed silk scarf – Ora Studio
  7. Leopard embroidered jean jacket – Nach Bijoux

Ice queen

According to Vogue Portugal, we don’t need crowns to feel like queens. It’s enough to wear white! However exaggerated it might sound, I believe we should break the pattern of wearing white only during summer!

2020 Vogue trends by local designers
  1. Off-white shirt – Flolove
  2. Nigh gown goes day dress – Le Petit Trou
  3. Broderie anglaise shirt – Sienna
  4. Soft and warm, wool-blend coat – Elementy Wear
  5. Feminine and any occasion dress – Veclaim
  6. White boots – Balagan
  7. Bodysuit/turtle neck – Nago Store

Wild, wild West

The Far West was one of the strongest trend influences in past collections. And there is no surprise why! Most of our staple and classic wardrobe pieces are well related to ‘the Western’ reality. Take jeans, white t-shirt, hat, and boots, and you get an ideal cowboy outfit!

  1. Skirt and top set – Made by Weave
  2. 100% wool and hand-made hat – Jolie Su
  3. Handcrafted basket – La Petite Sardine
  4. Embroidered cowboy boots – Vanda Novak
  5. White, cotton shirt – Vicher
  6. Jean dress – Bizuu
  7. Shirt dress – Simona Nikolajewska


It’s not new that fashion and art inspire and overlap each other. What painters manifest on their canvas, designers express on the fabrics. Whether with a handpainted motif, or a graphic pattern, it evokes new ideas, points of view, and even ideologies.

  1. Striped shirt – Risk Made in Warsaw
  2. Hand-made, clay earrings – Glina Store
  3. Dress/beach robe – Imprm Studio
  4. Printed, silk scarf – Mogoi Studio
  5. Hand-painted plate – Jad Dishes
  6. Bag with a hand-painted graphic – Lobos
  7. Kimono with customed graphic – Joanna Hawrot
  8. Fun print dress – Leopoldine Chateau

Hope you enjoyed my quick scan through the Vogue trends, and share your favourite with me!

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