Expo throwback: “Dior and the icons of Parisian fashion from the collection of Adam Leja”

Expo throwback: “Dior and the icons of Parisian fashion from the collection of Adam Leja”

While Paris, London and New York might be used to multiple exhibitions dedicated to fashion – Poland not so much. Especially when the best of the best of Parisian iconic fashion houses are gathered under one roof.


A little bit of history

Central Textile Museum is located in a historically industrial city of Łódź.

Łódź has served as Poland’s main textile settlement practically since 1820. It went through a huge crisis during the communism times when local producers had no slightest chance of export.

Today the industry is trying to rise again, mainly through small and independent creators and artists. But because of its historical foundations, the road is yet very long.

One of the reminiscences of the city’s textile culture is the Textile Museum – the seeds of the museum were sowed in 1946 to officially take its current form only in 1975.

This short introduction brings us to the subject of this post 🙂


The best of the best

Unique, in the Polish scale, exhibition combing vintage pieces of most prestigious French couturiers – Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel, Roger Vivier, Franck Sorbier, Christophe Josse, Pierre Balmain, Loris Azzaro, Thierry Mugler – just to name few!


All pieces come from a private collection of Adam Leja – fashion enthusiast and art historian.

He opened the door of his passion and is kindly sharing with us his treasures – and there is a lot to admire:

Dior’s ‘New Look’ -beautiful dresses that were created as a celebration of women’s shapes; simple yet constructed designs by John Galliano; creative and almost surrealistic ones from Franck Sorbier.

Rich, hand embroideries presented by Christophe Josse; typical abstract-ish/floral-ish motifs of Thierry Mugler and tweeds of Chanel.

Hippi flowers of Philippe Vionet; quirkiness of Loris Azzaro and metal constructions of Paco Rabanne.

Last but not least, my favourite Jeanne Lanvin, who like no one else knew how to combine femininity with feminism.

I’m very glad Polish fashion followers could jump into the time machine and witness this perfect expression of the style of each of the presented designer.

Hopefully, the future will bring more!



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