The Best of 2019 – Warsaw

I’m not the most sentimental person on earth, yet when scrolling through my Instagram, it directed me onto the 2019 memory lane! And so I decided to bring some of the highlights of the past year!

Are you joining me?

Antoine de Paris – the King of Hairdressers

He had a dream, and he realised it! This most popular barber of the beginning of the 20th century changed the way women look today! He chopped off the long hair at the time when it was equal to disgrace. Owned 67 hair saloons, and was the first to use hairspray.

To learn more about this exceptional artist, see the article:


Timeless design and local artisanal

Their designs will never go out of fashion because they don’t follow one.

They are, however, a reflection of a timeless style based on quality, simplicity and longevity.

They become part of our lives, second skin, protection, mask, armour, and joy. And that is why we do not get rid of them at the first chance. On the contrary! We want them to accompany us in the most special times.

Learn more about those unique brands:

Modern ceramics

The past year was a year of discovery of young and independent ceramic brands! Among them Ende, Fenek Studio, and Lamabo.

You can be sure that in 2020 I’ll dig much more into this dazzling art of pottery!

Unique local boutiques

Museums will give you a glimpse of history, art galleries – knowledge of new generations.

But when I visit an unknown place, I love getting to know it through its concept stores and local brands boutiques.

To me, they are like little embassies of dreams, ideas, projects and courage for persuading one’s goals!

Independent designers. Passionate individuals. Original decor aesthetics. Sustainable souvernirs.

Visit my top fashion spots in Warsaw:

Are you hungry?

Did you know that Warsaw was voted the 7th most vegan city in the world?!

I confirm! Eating healthy and plant-based is as easy, in the Polish capital, as crossing the street.

Check out some of my food recommendations!

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