The Best Of 2019 – Paris

Although the news coming from the French capital these days are not striking positive, let’s bring back those more colourful and creative memories!

Mathgoth Gallery

My personal discovery of the year was the Mathgoth Gallery.

Located in the area where the murals are a part of the landscape, in its four walls has already welcomed such urban art gurus as Bordalo II or Herakut.

Every time they surprise me with their expo choices, and I can’t wait for the next ones!

Fashion reads

Fashion, for me, is a sort of reference point, a pattern that is related to political, social and religious beliefs. It’s about the people who make it! Their background, family affairs, and inspirations!

There is nothing more magnetic than seeing how the course of history is changing the lengths of skirts or the heights of heels. Or realising that the Eskimos initially invented parka, Bikini is the name of an island or that warring brothers created Puma and Adidas.

If, like me, you love the historical aspect of fashion, here are a few books that I recommend!

Fashion bookstores

If we talk about books, we should also mention their homes – bookstores!

And even though getting a book online has never been easier, let’s keep the printed versions alive!

Coffee hopping

Paris is a fantastic place for any coffee lover and the past year I have visited a bunch, and I proudly presented them in below article!

The backside of fashion

Did you know that even though that both men and women have the same anatomical difficulty in reaching the back, it was always women’s clothes that were restricted by the ribbons, hooks, buttons or zips? Men’s, on the other hand, very rarely!

With a gobsmacking expo, the Bourdelle Museum has given special attention to this underestimated part of our bodies.

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